3.6 Dispatch Workflows: Misc. Settings

Updated May 11, 2020

Status nodes can be customized with colors and time thresholds. To configure the appearance and time thresholds for a status node, complete the steps below.

Locate the desired status node and click on the View button for that status.

Background Color: Enter a color, rgb, or hex-color code for the background and text of the status. This will serve as a visual indicator for dispatchers.

Text Color: The color of the text that will appear in the status node.

Warning Threshold: The warning threshold is the number of minutes a ticket can sit in the status node before action is expected. 

Alert Threshold: Like the warning threshold, this option indicated the number of minutes a ticket can sit before action is required. This is a more aggressive visual warning for dispatchers

Show Timestamps in Reports: Use drop-down menu to select whether this status will show time stamp in the dispatch report.

SLA Action: Choose to start or stop and SLA in this node.

Billing Action: For use with the TrackTik Billing module.

Cancellation Threshold Action: For use with the TrackTik Billing module.

Click on the Save button and repeat this process for each of the status nodes.

Once you have configured all status nodes and transitions, use the diagram to see a visual of the workflow. 

Click on the Rearrange (Hierarchy) button and the system will automatically construct a chart showing the workflow from the beginning (Top) to the end (Bottom).

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