Entry/Exit Actions

Updated Mar 06, 2020

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

These include

  • Email Action: Variables can be used to configure the information in the email action. Transition from data can be used as a variable to be included in the email action but when selected this action must be configured on exit)
    • Send to client email: primary contact of that site
    • Send to Client’s parent email: primary contact of the multi-site
    • Send a copy to the reporter / dispatcher: Will send an email to the user that has created the dispatch from the portal and / or the user that requested the service from the client portal.
    • Distribution: Other emails: Add any other emails that you need to have the information emailed to. 
    • Email Content: Create the email content using the dynamic tags.

Note: The contacts will always receive the email. Not dependent on the Site that the dispatch was created for.

  • Job close: Closes the job
  • Auto-assigned to current user if not already assigned: If the ticket was send to the position or zone, once someone accepts it, it will then be auto-assign to that user
  • Add an automatic comment: Comment will pop up for the mobile user.
  • Job/Unassign User: Automatically un-assigns the user from the job.
  • Job/Un-assign Unit (Position) and User: Unassigns position and user from the job.
  • Sign User To Site: Automatically signs the user into the site.
  • Sign Out User From Site: Automatically signs the user out of the site.

Event Type: Choose to trigger the action either upon entry or upon exit from the node.

Execution Priority: Choose the order in which multiple actions will occur.

After filling out all fields, click the Save button.

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