2.2 Mobile Dispatch: Job/Service Types for Dispatch

Updated Aug 11, 2020

Like runsheets, jobs and service types are the building blocks of dispatches. Jobs and service types for dispatches are configured in the same way as those for runsheets.

To create a new Job or Service Type in your system:

Click the Settings tile.

Under the heading, Operation Configurations select Jobs / Service Types.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

The Jobs / Service Types panel loads, listing all the existing job types.

Click on the Create New button in upper left corner of the Job / Service Types panel.

Enter the required details requested in the popup that loads.

Description: Name to represent the Job/Service type.

Prefix code: Can only be used when the dispatch module is also activated. Code for dispatch task.

Details: Enter information to describe the Job/Service type.

Report Template: Assign a default Report Template.

Dispatchable: Select so that the Job/Service type will be used for Dispatchable tasks. 

Choose the appropriate Dispatch Workflow

Select the priority level

Select the Dispatch Group (preset to mobile users - vendors)

Select if the Billing Options require contract or not.

Schedulable (Runsheet): Select for the Job/Service type to be available to be assigned to Runsheets.

Billable Item: * Not required. Pertains to TrackTik billing module.

If the bill item is dispatchable, you will be able to select a workflow that has at least one node. If the workflow does not have at least one node, it will not appear in the drop down list.

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