1.16 Patrols: Patrols Overview

Updated Sep 24, 2020

This panel lists all patrols completed for the selected date range.  This includes the status of each patrol, job / service type, site, date and time officer indicated he was en route, arrived and left the site. Patrol Report completed by the officer is also attached to the patrol.

Click button labeled “Info” to see summary details of the patrol.

Question Mark Button

  1. Site Information
  • Company: The name of the site where the patrol took place.
  • Address: The address of the patrol site.
  • City/State: The city and state where the site is located.
  • Phone: The phone number of the site.
  • Email: The email address of the site's main contact.
  • Assigned: The guard to whom the patrol is assigned.
  • Runsheet: The runsheet to which the patrol is assigned.
  1. Patrol Information
  • Type: The name of the patrol job.
  • Time Range: The time period during which the patrol can be completed.
  • Status: The status of the patrol. Possible statuses include scheduled, assigned, en route, on site, completed, re-assign and missed.
  • Information: The scheduled duration of the patrol and any instructions for the task will appear in this field.
  1. Logs

Under logs, you will find the date and time stamp of each patrol status. If there are no logs, a re-assign button will appear allowing you to re-assign the request to a different guard.

  1. Notes

If notes have been entered under the clock icon, they will appear under the notes section.

Clock Button

  1. En Route Time: The date and time stamp of the moment the status of the patrol was updated to en route.
  2. On Site Time: The date and time stamp of the moment the status of the patrol was updated to on site.
  3. Completed Time: The date and time stamp of the moment the patrol was marked completed.
  4. Last Comment: The text of the last comment entered on the patrol.
  5. Add as Billing Note: Flag the note as pertaining to billing.
  6. Note: Enter a note in the patrol
  7. Save Logs: Click the button to save your changes.

Dollar Sign Button (Billing)

  1. Price: Enter the amount you are billing your client.
  2. Billable Minutes: The number of billable minutes in the patrol.

Click Report to view the completed patrol report.

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