1.7 Patrols: Scheduling Jobs

Updated May 11, 2020

You can now schedule the jobs that will appear on runsheets. To Schedule the site jobs, click on the Scheduler link.

Patrol group: Select the Price tier with which the patrols will be associated.

Patrol Type: Select the patrol type to be assigned to the job.

Route Position: If patrol to be assigned to a route (zone) position select it from the drop-down list. 

Auto-Assign Runsheet when possible: When selected, patrol will be assigned to a runsheet matching the time range selected for the job.

Time Range: Enter the time or time range the patrol visit is to be scheduled for.

Duration: Enter the estimated time that the patrol will take. i.e. 7 minutes, 15 minutes, etc.

Number of this patrol type (#): Enter how many times this job should be performed.

Days of the week: Select the days of the week this job with be completed on.  

Note: If you selected 2 at the last step, the job will appear twice on Monday and twice on Tuesday, for example.

Start Date: Enter the date on which this job should start appearing in your Runsheet

Add: Click Add to create the jobs.

In addition, you can modify the specific jobs scheduled at properties. Click on a job or jobs to do so.

Options presented include:

  • Deselect Shifts: The highlighted Patrols will be unselected.
  • Shifts Selected: Indicates number of shifts presently highlighted. i.e. 1, 4, 7, etc.
  • Clear Extra Instructions: If instructions have been set specific to the site it will remove them. It doesn’t clear instructions assigned to the Job/Service type under the portal’s system settings.
  • Edit Job Type: Modify the Job type assigned to the selected job(s). Job/Service type must already exist in the portal’s system settings.
  • Edit Billing Group: Modify Patrol Price Tier the select job(s) are assigned too. (must have contract)
  • Edit Template: Modify the Report Template that the guard is prompted to fill out when the select job(s) are completed. Report Template must already exist in the portal’s system settings.
  • Assign to Route: If desired assign or modify the assigned position that the job is to be associated too.
  • Edit Time: Modify time or time range that the job is assigned to be completed.
  • Cancel: System will cancel all jobs from the date selected. They will be removed from assigned Runsheets. Note that this also impacts billing, clients will not be billed from date selected forward. They will be billed for previously completed patrols.
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