17.5 Visitor Management: Units and Tenants

Updated May 09, 2020

If you would like to track tenants, begin by entering the units or apartments, and then create the tenants and assign them to the apartments.

  1. Select the Tenants tab.
  2. Click on Units in the menu on the left.
  3. Enter an apartment description or unit number.
  4. Click Save

You can also see a list of existing units on this screen. Click the View Unit button to see the history of that unit.

Property Notes: View or enter notes pertaining to the property.

Visitor Logs: View a list of visitors who been checked in and checked out.

Document Library: View and upload documents associated with the unit.

Report Mentions: View the reports in which the unit was mentioned.

Tenants: View a list of tenants, add new tenants, or modify existing ones.

Authorized/Blocked Visitors: View a list of authorized and blocked visitors or authorize or block new ones.

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