16.6 Incident Categories: Creating A Master Incident Category

Updated Sep 11, 2020

For companies with client specific incident categories, the master incident types permit a long list of incident categories to be combined in incident analytics using either the client's categories or more general ones the company may prefer.

For example, all types of "Unsecure" incident categories (door, window, cover, etc.) can be associated with a master incident type named "Unsecure" so that the incident analytic report can be populated either by the incident category selected or by the more general master incident types.

Note: When configuring your incident categories, remember to designate certain ones specifically as Master Incident Categories.

To utilize this feature make sure to enable 'Master Incident Categories' in Features

Follow the steps below to set up Master Incident Categories.

  1. Under the Groups/Industries tab, click the "Create Group/Industry" button.
  1. Check the box to designate the group as being for Master Incident Categories.
  1. Once your group has been created, you can then assign the master incident category to the group. Click the "Categories" button to do so.


  1. Select the Master Incident Category to put in the group.

Next, go to the incident categories configuration.

  1. Click the "Settings" tile.
  2. Click Incident Categories.
  1. If you have not already created a child incident category, click the "Create Category" button.
  1. Select the existing Incident Category from the drop-down list to populate to populate as the Master Incident Type field.

Note: This process applies to the child incident categories only. The master incident category itself should not be linked to any master incident category.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Note: An Incident Category can be associated with a single Master Incident Category.

Note: You can link an Incident Category in one region to a Master Incident Category

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