Configuring a Group/Industry

Updated Mar 03, 2020

Once an Incident Group is created, you will need to assign incident categories to the group.

Assign Existing Incident Categories: 

  • Select the Group/Industry that is to have categories assigned to it.
  • The Custom Category Builder page loads.

There are two folders on the provided: 

  • The top folder includes all incident types that have been added to the Default incident group. 
  • The Other Categories folder includes all incident types that have been excluded from the default incident group.

Click on the plus sign next to either folder to open the folder and select individual incident categories.

Click on Create Item to add a new incident category in this custom group.

Note: The list of the incident categories for this custom group will now populate in the list. As you add new incident categories this list will update to show all incident categories that have been added.

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