16.3 Incident Categories: Creating an Incident Sub-Form

Updated Sep 11, 2020

Sub-Forms allow for the creation of dynamic incident reports. The fields created in a sub-form populate into the incident report when an officer selects the incident category. This is a way to create incident specific reports with conditional fields that customize the report based on an officer's selection. 

To create a sub-form for an incident category:

  1. Go to the incident categories list under Settings > Incident Categories.
  2. Select the incident category that a sub-form is going to be created for and click on the "Sub-Form" button next to it.
  3. Add the fields that need to populate the report when this incident category is selected.
  4. After creating the desired field(s), click the "Save Field" button to add the field to the sub-form.

Note: When officers select an incident category the incident report will automatically populate the fields included in the selected incident category's sub-form.

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