Creating an Incident Sub-Form

Updated Mar 03, 2020

Sub-Forms allow for the creation of dynamic incident reports. The fields created in a sub-form populate into the incident report when an officer selects the incident category. This is a way to create incident specific reports with conditional fields that customize the report based on an officer's selection. 

To create a sub-form for an incident category:

  • Make sure you are viewing the Incident Categories list.
  • Select the incident category that a sub-form is going to be created for and click on the Sub-Form button next to it.
  • Add the fields that need to populate the report when this incident category is selected.
  • After creating the desired field(s), click the Save Field button to add the field to the sub-form.

Note: When officers select an incident category the incident report will automatically populate the fields included in the selected incident category's sub-form.

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