Creating a New Incident Category

Updated Mar 03, 2020

To create a new incident, follow the steps below. Note the following page will cover the components of an incident category. Make sure to review the following page before creating new incident categories.

  • Click on the Create Category button.

A pop up form appears prompting for information to be entered, including: 

  • Description
  • Code (Optional) 
  • Details (Optional)
  • Priority Level 
  • Type of Item 
  • Show in default group 
  • Master Incident Category, if any
  • Add to groups, if any

After completing the pop up form click the Save button.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Components of an Incident Category


  • This is the name of the incident type that appears in the drop-down menu for officers when they write an incident report. 
  • Additionally, this is the label of incident category that is referenced in the incident analytics.

Code (Optional)

  • The code can be used to reference incident codes in other systems or as an internal reference to a specific incident type.

Details (Optional)

  • This is a detailed description of the incident category. 
  • Notes added here are not visible elsewhere in the system. They serve as a reference to admins reviewing the incident categories.

Priority Level

  • This is the severity of the incident. 
  • Notifications can be created based on different priority levels.

Type of Item

  • The drop-down in this field pulls the list of Parent Categories. 
  • From here the incident category can be assigned to a parent category, where it can be included in notifications for other similar incident types

Show in Default Group

  • Assign the new incident category to a specific group based on different vertical markets. 
  • Select "Yes" to include the incident category in the default group. 
  • The default group is used at all sites, unless a user manually changes the incident group in the site profile
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