System Exceptions

Updated Mar 03, 2020

System Exceptions are tickets that are generated when certain actions occur.  To view system exceptions portal-wide:

Select the Operations Reports tab from the Live Dashboard.

Then, select System Exceptions. A list of existing system exceptions will appear.

Select a filter to view system exceptions of that type only.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

All Types: View all System Exceptions.

Inactive Mobile User Alert: View System Exceptions generated when users remain inactive for 60 minutes.

Late Checkpoint: View Exceptions generated when checkpoints are scanned late.

IVR Audio Reports: Used with scheduling module only.

GPS Disabled Alert: View Exceptions generated when GPS is disabled on the device.

Geo-fence Violation: Triggered when a guard breaches a geo-fenced area.

Punched in From Outside Allowed Area: Triggered when a guard punches in from outside a geo-fenced area.

Late 10/10: Used with scheduling module only.

Unauthorized Call-in Number: Used with scheduling module only.

Uncovered Shift: Used with scheduling module only.

Punch In (Invalid Number): Used for scheduling only.

Shift Not Closed: Used with scheduling module only.

Filter to view System Exceptions by status.

Opened and Pending: The Exceptions that have been generated and those that have been looked at and require attention.

Opened: New System Exceptions that have not been updated.

Pending: The Exception has been looked at and designated as needing attention.

Resolved: Exception has been resolved and closed.

View relevant information about System Exceptions

Date: Date and time when System Exception was opened.

Ticket Type: Type of System Exception.

First Name: First name of employee to whom the exception pertains.

Last Name: Last name of employee to whom the exception pertains.

Subject: A more detailed description of the Exception and when and where it happened.

Status: The status of the Exception.

View: View the Exception in detail.

Click the view button to update the System Exception. Adds notes, change the status, or resolve the Exception.

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