5.7 Operations Reports: Post Orders

Updated Aug 08, 2020

At the portal level, you can view and obtain information about post orders across the portal. The site or zone level, the post order information will pertain to that site or zone only.

From the Live Dashboard, click the Operations Reports tab.

Then, select Post Orders. A list of existing Post Orders will appear.

Subject: The subject of the post order.

Account: The site or zone to which the post order is associated.

Unique ID: The unique identifier of the post order.

Read: The number of employees who have read the post order vs the number of employees assigned to the site or zone.

Last Update: The date when the post order was last updated.

Att: Download the files attached to the post order.

View: View the post order.

Edit: Edit the post order.

Delete: Delete the post order.

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