Managing Reports from the Live Dashboard

Updated Mar 02, 2020

From the Live Dashboard it is possible to view a list of all Field (Reports) and Daily Activity Reports (Summary Reports). In addition, field reports can be downloaded, emailed or deleted. Summary reports can be approved, emailed or deleted as well as the GPS Tracks reviewed. 

If clients log in, they will access only the reports that have been approved for their site. By marking a report for admin eyes only this data will not be included in the client reports.

Go to the Live Dashboard.

Select the Operations Reports tab.

Across the top of the Operations Reports page there are some filters provided to allow you to select the criteria to search for a report on. 

Apply the filters to refine your search.

Report Templates: All or select a specific type

With Incidents:  View only reports with incident categories.

Status: New / All Statuses / Verification (Place holder allows for report to be investigated prior to being approved) / Approved / Job Pending (can be used by Dispatch to indicate that report is progress)

Link Status: Relink or All. Relinking a report lets you associate it with a site after the report has been written.

Date Range: Range of dates to filter the search on

Search: Enter key words to search for in a report

Once the report is located proceed to take an appropriate action(s) based on the available options.

  • Relink the report to another zone or site.

Change status of report from New Report to Approved, Verification or Job Pending.

Download the report in a PDF format by selecting the document icon.

Forward a copy of the report via email by selecting the envelope icon.

View the report on screen by selecting the View button.

Delete the report by selecting the Red box with an X inside of it.

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