Creating the Field Setup of the Report Form

Updated Mar 02, 2020

Now the new report form will be listed in the available report forms in the Patrol Settings window. Now you need to proceed to complete the Field Setup portion of the report form.

Select the Field Setup button located immediately to the right of the report form created above.

A window will appear with a graphic image of a handheld device.

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Click on the Add a field text to add a new field

Enter a label for the field. This appears on the sample mobile device.

Proceed to select additional options.

When all the desired fields have been added, click on the Save Field button to save the changes.

Patrol Report Fields available:

Choose List 

(List Picker, Choose Multiple)

  • Officer may choose either a single item or multiple items using a drop-down menu.

System List 

(Client, Vehicle, Employee, Sites Locations, Incident/ Maintenance Types):

  • System lists pull from data created in the TrackTik cloud application. Site Locations and Incident/Maintenance Types allow guards to tag site location created in the client profile with incident/maintenance issues to develop property statistics.
  • Client, Vehicle and Employee lists allow the officer to store the report with a specific employee, vehicle, or client.

Draw Fields & Signature Box

(Signature, Vehicle, Body Injury, Trailer, Golf Cart)

  • The draw fields are diagrams officers can mark up by using their finger to draw on the touchscreen. 
  • Each type of draw field has a specific diagram for officer to use. 
  • The Signature Box provides the officer a line to sign their name.

Text Fields

(Text Box vs. Comment Box)

  • Both the text and comment boxes allow the officer to capture notes with the keyboard on the device.
  • The Text Box is intended for short description such as a name or location, whereas the Comment Box is intended to capture long narrative of detailed text. 
  • For this reason, the Comment Box also features a Talk-To-Text function that allows officer to capture text notes by speaking into the phone.

Scanner Fields 

(Text Box with Barcode Scanner, ID Card Scanner)

  • Scanner fields use the camera on the device to focus and read most types of barcodes. 
  • The Text Box scanner allows guards to read the information off a barcode and type in an item The ID Card Scanner is designed to read the barcode on most drivers’ licenses in North America.

Time & Date Pickers

  • These fields are dials the officers can use to note a specific time and date. However, the time and date the report is completed will be automatically stored in the report.


  • The Picture field uses the camera on the device to capture pictures of the scene. There is no limit to the number of pictures that can be included in a report form.
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