4.2 Report Management: Creating/Modifying the Report Template

Updated Sep 02, 2020

You can build custom report templates for your guards to fill out while working in the field. Create incident report templates, activity logs, or any other custom report templates to capture critical data. You can find a list of pre-defined report templates here.

  1. Select the Settings tile from the main TrackTik menu located down the left of the main application window.
  2. From the Settings menu select the Report Templates option.
  3. Under Custom Report Forms, select "New Custom Report".
  1. This will load the New Custom Report Form window.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Add information for the report and create rules for where and when the report form will be accessible. 

Note: You can review this information and edit forms at any time by selecting the Edit button next to the name of the report in the main Patrol Settings window.

  1. Once the fields have completed click "Save" to save the report form.

Patrol Report parameters to be completed:

Available to all Regions

  • Available only to Multi-regional portal from Head Quarters (HQ) or view all regions level. 
  • This option helps Administrators standardize report templates across multiple regions and because they are the owners of the template it can only be edited by an admin that has access to HQ.


  • Give the report form a name. 
  • This name appears in the mobile application when officers are selecting a report form.

Information/Instructions (Optional)

  • Add additional information or instructions about when to use the report form. 
  • Officers can view this information, below the name of the report on the mobile device. 
  • Typically, used to describe when to use the report form.


  • Use report categories to organize report forms. 
  • Optional field that only organizes report forms in the dashboard. 
  • They do not affect any functionality on the mobile application.


  • Archive report forms that are no longer valid or required. Active the report form is available.

Assign to

  • Assign the report form to a specific site, allow it to be available to all sites or select On Demand.

Note: On Demand will remove the report from the list of reports available on the mobile device. On Demand reports can be assigned to Zones with the Zone Reporting option.

Default Language

  • Select the language for the report form.

Support multiple languages

  • Allows the user to translate the report template in at least one other language, to make it easier for guards that speak different languages to fill out the reports on their mobile device. (The report will open in the “right” language based on the phone’s chosen language when initially set-up by the user if the translation is available in that language, if not it will open in the default language of the report template.

Approve Automatically

  • Reports need to be approved before they are made available in the client portal. 
  • Set certain report forms to approve automatically so they are immediately available to clients. 
  • This is common for maintenance reports or activity log entries.

For Admin Eyes Only

  • Keep reports internal, so available only to users in Admin portal. On the mobile application the user will still see the report template to create a new report. Make the report on demand to remove the report from the list of templates available on the mobile device.

Notify Alert Queue

  • Identify this report as an Important Report. 
  • Important Reports automatically trigger the Alerts/Important Reports notification when they are submitted.

Exclude from Shift Report

  • Set report forms to be excluded from the Shift Report.

After you have created the report template, you will need to add the fields that the guards will fill out when filing the template. Check out this article to learn how to do so.

Export and Copy the Report Template

When exporting and copying report templates, all the configuration data will carry over. This data will include:

  • Available to all regions and excluded regions
  • Category
  • Assign to
  • The type of report (dispatchable task, regular)
  • For admin eyes only
  • Optional tag
  • Required field option in "Field Setup"
  • "Section" is not removed from the fields in field setup

The original order of the fields will also remain the same.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Copy The Report Template

To copy the report template:

  1. Click the "Edit" button.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Click "Copy Report".
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Enter a name for the new report template.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Click "Save".
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Export The Report Template

To export the report template:

  1. Click the "Edit" button.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Click "Export Template".
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Copy the string.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Click the "Import Template Package" button and paste the string. Click the Save button.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
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