Devices and Licenses

Updated Mar 01, 2020

With zones, sites and employees, you can now create and assign devices.

To create a device, go to the zone or site that the device will be associated with. If the guard will be spending their shift at one site only, assign to a site. If the guard is a patroller, assign to a zone.

From the Zone page select the tab Security & Patrol.

Then select the Create Device button, enter a Description, Phone number (optional) and then select a position from the drop-down menu beside the header Choose position.

Note: It is always best to assign a phone number to a device, if possible. It makes it easier to keep track of your devices after they have been set up.

If a position has not yet been created, you can quickly create one now:

On the Zone page, select the tab Positions.

Click the Create a Position.

An Edit window will popup, enter a name to represent the position and enter a start date.

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