Updated Mar 25, 2020

Positions describe what you pay the guard to do. They can be created at the site or the zone level. Positions are required to create a device license and/or to start building your schedules. Positions in TrackTik allow administrators to set rules for the position including site requirements, and settings for additional TrackTik modules.

To create a position, launch the Site or Zone where the position will be created:

Select the Positions tab.

Click the Create a Position button.

An Edit window will pop up, enter a name, Hard, soft or conditional requirements for this position and a start date. These are the only settings required for Guard Tour setup. The other fields refer to optional TrackTik modules.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Note: See Skills and Attributes section to know how to set the skills to populate the list for the requirements.

Fill out the fields.

Click Save

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