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Updated Mar 01, 2020

Under the Other Site Contacts/Addresses tab, you can add additional contacts and alternative site addresses. This tab is especially useful if you would like to designate emergency contacts.

To create a new contact, click the Create Contact button.

Fill out the fields to add the contact.

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Guarding Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome

Use this address as bill-to address: Designate a billing address. Primarily for use with the billing module.

Company Name: The company name of the contact.

First Name: The contact’s first name.

Last Name: The contact’s last name.

Job Title: Job title of the contact.

Phone (Main): Main phone number of the contact (required to make the contact and emergency contact).

Phone (Other): Secondary phone number of the contact.

Fax: Contact’s fax number.

Email: Contact’s email address.

Preferred Language: The contact’s language.

Status: Select Active or Archived.

Click on the drop-down under General Information to access additional fields.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Guarding Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome

External ID: Select a unique ID for the contact.

Tags: Enter tags to enhance searchability.

Gender: Select the contact’s gender/

Address: The contact’s address.

Address Line 2: Second line of the contact’s address/

City: Contact’s city.

State: Contact’s state.

ZIP Code: Enter the ZIP or postal code of the contact.

Country: Contact’s country.

Website: Contact’s website.

Birthday: Birthday of the contact.

Prefix: Contact prefix.

Remarks: Enter any extra notes regarding the contact.


Click the Save button to save the information

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