2.6 Sites: Client Portal Access

Updated Aug 20, 2020

Client Portal Access allows you to grant your customer access to the TrackTik system. The customer will only see data related to their site. In the case of a master site with child sites, the customer will have the option to see either aggregate data for all sites, or each site’s data individually.

  • Click the Client Portal Access link to grant your customer access to their site(s).
  • Click Create A Client Access. Fill out the form to create the access.
User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Guarding Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome

First Name: First name of the client you are granting access to.

Last Name: The client’s last name.

Picture: Add an optional photo of the client.

Phone: The client’s phone number.

Choose a Password: Set a password for client access.

Confirm Password: Enter the password again.

Force to Change Password: Customer must change password on next login when this option is checked.

Permissions: Select the role you would like to assign to the client.

Status: Select from the drop down to either grant or revoke access.

  • Click the Save button.
  • Click the Edit button to edit the client access.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  • Click the Sub-Sites button to grant access to specific groups of sub-sites.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  • To attach a sub-site to a site, click the Attach a Subsite button.
  • Start typing the name of the site to assign it as a sub-site.
User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Guarding Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome
  • Click the Save button to assign the sub-site.
  • Click the Remove Relation button to remove the subsite.

If you have multiple regions, you can establish a multi site in one region, sub sites in different other regions, and establish a client portal access for all.

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