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Updated Mar 25, 2020

By posting to the message board, you can communicate important information to your guards in real time. Access the message board by clicking the message board tab in the site.

To post a message, click the Post Message button.

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Guarding Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome

Message Category: Select the type of message. Choose from Announcement, B.O.L.O, Procedure Change Memo, Weather Alert.

Message: Type the message you would like to share with the site or zone employees.

Available To: Leave blank to make the message available to all. Or, choose specific employees’ names.

Publish Date: The date on which the message will become available.

Expiry Date: The date on which the message is set to expire.

Status: Select from Actual (current), Draft, or Completed.

Picture: Attach a picture to the message. The picture will be visible on the mobile device.

Attachment: Attach a file to the message. This will also be visible on the mobile device.

Post to subsites: If checked, and the site is a master site, the message will be visible at the sub-sites.

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