Zone Configurations

Updated Feb 28, 2020

Most of the settings available at the zone level are also available at the site level. To set the configurations, access them at the zone, and proceed in the same manner as at the site.

Hover over the Sites (Client) tile.

Select Site Zones (Groups).

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Click on the zone you will be configuring.

Once you have accessed the zone, a row of configuration options will be displayed at the top.

Zones  Sites/Clients:  A list of sites assigned to the zone. You can also assign and un-assign sites to the zone in this tab.

You can create a new site from within the zone, assign an existing site to zone, or make bulk changes, such as assigning or unassigning multiple sites to the zone at the same time.

Sub zones: View a list of sub zones assigned to the zone or assign additional or remove sub zones.

Edit: Make edits to the zone name or address.

Contacts: Zone contacts are managed in the same way as site contacts. Please refer to the site contacts section for more information.

Operation Reports: The Operation Reports tab under the zone contains the same options as that tab under sites. Please refer to that section under sites.

Security and Patrol: The Security and Patrol tab under zones contains the same options as Security and Patrol under sites. Please see that section for more information.

Notifications: Notifications set at the zone level will apply to the zone only. Please see the section about notifications for more information.

Zone Report Settings: These settings allow you to designate specific report templates as zone reports. Any templates so designated will be available for guards to fill out while working in the zone. You are not required to relink these reports to specific sites.

Check the templates on the left to make them zone reports. Once selected, they will appear in the list on the right.

Zone Users: Zone Users are employees who have been assigned to the zone and can work there.

Click the Assign Employee button to assign the employee to the zone.

Filter by Skills: Begin typing the name of an employee to select employees by skills.

Select Employee: Begin typing the name of an employee to assign to the zone.

Select Date: As of this date, the person will be a zone employee.

Click Save to assign the zone user.

Positions: Follow the site instructions to create and configure positions at the zone. Positions you create in the zone will apply only in that zone.

Message Board: Use the zone message board to communicate with zone users. The zone message board works in the same way as the site message board.

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