Site Zones (Groups)

Updated Feb 28, 2020

Based on the planned hierarchy create the appropriate zones and sub-zones.

Hover over the tile Sites (Client) then click Site Zones (Groups).

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Next select the Add Zone button.

Fill out the fields.

Zone Name: Enter the name of the zone.

Details: Fill in any details pertaining to the zone.

ID (Optional): The unique identifier of the zone. If left blank, the system will assign the ID.

Preferred Language: Default language of the zone

Address: Street address of the zone.

City: City in which the zone is located.

Country: Country in which the zone is located.

State/Province: State or province of the zone.

ZIP/Postal Code: ZIP or postal code where the zone is located.

Click the create button to save the zone.

Note: If you are using runsheets, you must enter a zone address if you wish to use route optimization.

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