Creating Employees

Updated Feb 28, 2020

Click on the Employees tile.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Click the New Employee button.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Complete the fields to add the new employee.

General Information: Enter the employee’s name and other demographic information. Enter and confirm the employee’s password. Select a username and/or email address. 

Note: Email address and employee ID must be unique portal wide. If you do not enter an employee ID, the system will assign one.

Address: Enter the employee’s address. This is optional; however, it is helpful if you decide to use the scheduling module later.

Roles & Permissions: Select one role for the employee.

Other Fields: Additional fields for tags, employment and/or termination date and birthday. You can also add an employee photo here.

Click Save to complete the creation of the employee.

Navigate to the Skills and Attributes tab to set the skills for this employee. This is required if you hard or conditional requirements set for positions or if you use the scheduling module.

Logout of the TrackTik portal and login as the newly created employee verifying user and password successfully created.

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