NFC Token Order Instructions

Updated May 21, 2020

Order your Tokens HERE

We appreciate your interest in using TRACKTIK as the solution for optimizing how you run your business and have included the NFC tokens as per your latest order. 

You can now leverage the full potential of implementing these tokens alongside your current implementation and recommend following the next few steps to help you on your way...

Confirm where you would like to use each token by designating an associated checkpoint within the TrackTik portal. If no checkpoints have been set up, you may refer to the following... 

Basic Getting Started: Create Site Tours

Advanced Getting Started: Create Site Checkpoints 

Once your checkpoints have been set up, you may “write” the unique value stored within the NFC token to associate with the checkpoint. This process will require an android phone (with the NFC feature enabled) using an admin account. 

For further details, you may refer to the following...

How to Write Checkpoints From Mobile (Android Guard Tour)

Basic Getting Started: Write Checkpoints

As always we invite you to reach out to your Account Manager for further discussion, 

or speak with our Support Team @

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