12.18 Settings: Creating a Role

Updated Sep 11, 2020

Roles correspond to the types of functions your employees perform. Within each role, you can define a set of permissions that will determine the features to which employees have access.

  1. To create a role, click on the Settings tile,
  2. Select the Roles/Permissions from the list of options.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Click the "Add Role" button.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Complete the requested information in the Create a Role box.
    • Enter Role Name:
    • Description: Enter a more detailed description of the role, if desired.
    • Portal Section: Select the type of role (Admin/Staff/Client)
  2. Click the "Save" button.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Once saved, go back to the Roles and Security menu and click on your new role under the appropriate role group.
  2. Highlight it and the properties will appear on the right side of the screen.
  1. Select the appropriate items that the role should have access to by selecting the check box to the left of the item.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Note: You can change or re-assign roles and permissions at any time.

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