12.9 Settings: Regional Offices

Updated Sep 11, 2020

In this section, you can see a list of regions, if you operate in multiple regions. Please talk to your TrackTik representation to find out of regions are right for your configuration.

ID: The unique ID of the region.

Region Name: The name of the region.

Logo: The region's logo, if any.

Timezone: The region's time zone.

Address: The main address of the region.

City: The city of the main region address.

State: The state or province of the region.

Zip: The zip code or postal code of the region.

Employees: The number of employees assigned to the region.

Customers: The number of sites assigned to the region.

Parent Region: If the region is a sub-region, this field will show the name of the parent region.

Edit: Click this button to edit the regional office information.

For more information about regions, please see see this article in TrackTik's BackOffice Suite user manual.

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