12.4 Settings: Company Information

Updated Sep 10, 2020

In this section, you can manage information about your company such as the logos that appear on reports and other documents that can be sent out to your clients.

Note: This data was entered when your system portal was setup by TrackTik.

General Information

Company: The name of the company.

First Name: The first name of the main company contact person.

Last Name: The last Name of the main company contact person.

Job Title: The job title of the main company contact person.

Phone (Main): The main company phone number.

Phone (Other): The company's secondary phone number.

Gender: The gender of the main company contact person.

Email: The email address of the company contact person.


Address: First line of the company address.

Address Line 2: The second line of the main company address.

City: The company's city.

State: The company's state or province.

Zip Code: The company zip code.

Country: The country in which the company is located.


Use this section to upload company logos. Upload logos that will appear on invoices and reports, emails and schedules.

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