13.1 Regions: Introduction

Updated Sep 14, 2020

Talk to your TrackTik representative about adding regions if you operate in many places over one geographic area or multiple geographic areas. If this does not apply to your operation, your portal will have a single region.

Each region contains its own unique set of configurations, such as for the time zone and other settings that apply to different TrackTik BackOffice modules. Each region can also contain its own sub-regions, sites, zones, departments and employees. 

Talk to your TrackTik representative to see if regions are right for your operation. For more information about regions, please see the TrackTik BackOffice Suite manual.

Check out this article  in our BackOffice User Manual to find out more about region-specific settings.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

To find out more about the region message board, please refer to this article.

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